Urban Bathing


Urban bathing investigates the bathhouse as a leisure space needed in the urban environment that not only promotes bathing and hygiene, but also aids in physical and mental improvement.

After the building of the Shard, London Bridge Borough faces rapid economic and social change, where large numbers of professionals travel here on day to day basis. The existing context already offers places for physical activity, but few places for more passive activities such as bathing. 

Located in the west wing - Conybeare House, of the Historic Guy’s Hospital, London, an 1800s addition - this project creates links between the old existing Chapel and the newly added bathhouse through flooding the basement. Users swim along columns and construction walls, creating architectural journeys between values of how it used to be and what is following.

The users in this bathhouse are led through a custom-made journey indicated through dehydration levels, all aiming on the improved feeling and appearance after leaving the bathhouse. Besides promoting hydration, this institute offers targeted facilities that are aiming to refine one's mental and physical performance.

Designer: Daniel Nikolovski
Site: Historic Guy’s Hospital, Southwark, London
Type: Final MA Interior Design project, Royal College of Art, 2018
Tutor: Graeme Brooker

Basement Pool Basement Pool

Soap Room


Health-measure Office

Study Model