Skopje, Loft

View of the living room

The inspiration behind this 65m2 loft was to create a space where Macedonian contemporary artpieces can converse with modern furniture pieces. Inspired by ateliers and art spaces, the floor in this apartment is bleached oak which gives extra luminosity during the day. 

Through the use of monochromatic colors both in the artpieces and the furniture, this apartment has very graphic and bold use of contrast colors. 
The kitchen cosists of handpainted dark green elements and black matt stone and it represents the center point in this apartment for socializing and eating. 
In the bedroom similar color prevails, but applied on the walls. The bathroom on the other hand has concrete tiles and dark wooden floor, evoking brutalist character present in the city of Skopje. 

Some of the contemporary artists work in this apartment are: Ivana Mojsovska, Viktor Naumovski, Ana Spasova, Andrea Branzi etc. 

Designer: Daniel Nikolovski
Location: Skopje, Macedonia
Year of Completion: September 2022

Photography: Marko Kostovski