Lastra - Ceramic Side Table

Ceramic Table
Material: Glazed Ceramic 

‘Lastra’ is a two-component handmade ceramic table that explores objects and processes mainly created in a home ambience.

As workshops and labs are still semi- closed in northern Italy, creating at home, using less tools, encourages a new creative approach to design, it’s scale, and aesthetic.

This ceramic series is a way to heal from the current global distress, through going back to the primitive, non-brand oriented view towards design as a mean to foresee the next.

‘Lastra’ combines 3 rectangular prisms, for the base, and one plane that is jointed with male/female joint detail, glazed with two non- metallic glazings that when combined are creating surprising oil-spill effect.

Dimensions: W40 x D33 x H33 cm
Designer: Daniel Nikolovski 
Date: March, 2021 
Press: Sight Unseen