Set Design for Kabinet at Salone del Mobile, Milano, 2019


We move around with circumspection on a mental planet of circumvolutions, and from our excesses and passions we bring back the same transparent memories as we do from our travels.

Jean Baudrillard

Keepsakes is an anthology of handcrafted furniture pieces sought after by the ones who know. Inspired by the post-Instagram wanderlust, KABINET’s inaugural furniture collection celebrates the acquired sensibility of the cultured beau monde. Be it an archaeological remain discovered or precious jewels from the 60s sourced in faraway markets, the arbiters of taste are unmoved by trends that come and go but instead bring home one of a kind pieces that will resonate with them for a lifetime.

Through this capsule collection, Daniel Nikolovski and Danu Chirinciuc are offering a vision to the future of furniture making. In their own words, it ‘connects aesthetics and the admiration of lost eras, but most importantly we are offering a way to enrich that lonely corner at your home.’ Being collectors of material nostalgia themselves, they collect and are inspired by naturally formed configurations such as fossils and stones untouched by human hand yet bear witness to millennia of human history. However, rather than romanticist archeological designs, pieces in Keepsakes are a refreshing and forward-looking appreciation of the old and the raw.

Unbound across art and design disciplines, they reimagine fashion aesthetics on an architectural scale and accentuate imperfections of elm burl and deformation of textiles to challenge the ideal of beauty. Comprised of playful forms and colours with daring combinations of materials, every piece in Keepsakes will evoke an aura of future nostalgia in any space they inhabit. 

Set Design: Daniel Nikolovski
Curator: Janice Li
Location: Via Maronelli 12, Brera - Milano, Italy
Brand: Kabinet