EYE Lamps

Material: Glazed Ceramic

Inspired by Yugoslavian monuments, EYE is a sculptural lighting object that comes in two versions. The mini version’s comes in bold lilac-blue porous ceramic glazing, rather than the maxi version comes in deep-pink glazing.

The name EYE originates from the eye shaped extrusions that both the base and the top part of the lamp share. Two eye shape extrusions interact by being twisted at 90 degrees, one resting on top of the other. Warm light glows subtly in downward direction, creating an atmospheric ambience.

Designer: Daniel Nikolovski
Materials: Glazed Ceramic
Dimensions (maxi): W39 x D23 x H49 cm 

Dimensions (mini): W28 x D16 x H35 cm

 Photographer: Christian Kondic. Creative Direction: Daniele Carlini