Cusi Pouf

Styled by Greta Cevinini
Produced: April, 2019
Materials: White and Green Mohair

This fun yet classic pouf is indeed a celebration of the Romanian sculptor Constantin Brâncusi’s contribution to modernism, referencing one of his most celebrated work, Infinite Column. High-grade plain weaves of wool, mohair and long-haired alpaca created in northern France are selected after much consideration for not only its fine quality but also to echo Brâncusi’s lifelong career in France.

Designers: Daniel Nikolovski and Danu Chirinciuc
Producer: Kabinet
Press: Elle Decor Italia December 2019, Husk Design Blog x Art Elysees, Elle Decor Italia - Best of Design, AD, Marie Claire Maison Italia September 2019, Sight Unseen