This project consists of three main elements which tell a narrative on memory and escape. The space is divided into two main parts. The first part is called ‘memory’ and represents the part where all the socializing, informal meetings, cocktail parties, DHL deliveries happen. It is the part where people are suppose to laugh, make new memories and friendships.
To get to the second part of the office, one needs to pass on the far left / right entrance, almost like an entrance in a train station, avoiding a long central reception table, kitchen and dining table. From this point on, you are in the ‘escape’ part where walls are covered in navy polyurethane rubber coat which because of its high gloss effect, reflects and bounces light and shadow coming from the natural light from the A-frame falling on the crystal tunnel.
The crystal tunnel represents a vehicle to creative escape.

Individual MA project in Interior Design at the Royal College of Art, London

Marta Nowicka

Chester House, 25 Eccleston Pl, Belgravia, London

Alexa Chung